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Wave Wonder – Necklace and Ring Set

These striking pieces are created from original nature photographs.

About the Image
Highway 1 – Anyone who has ever been there can tell you about its majesty, stretching endlessly down America’s west coast with constant views out to the Pacific Ocean. Looking down on the sea from this famous road, the waves crashing create interesting designs lasting only seconds.

About the Necklace
Bright silver plate, lead- and nickel-free, measuring 1″ x 1.5″ with a permanent waterproof cover to protect the image (However, to help it last a lifetime, we recommend keeping it away from water.)

The pendant hangs from a bright silver plated chain designed for flexibility. It is 16 inches with a 2 inch extension allowing you to adjust the length as desired.  It can also be easily replaced with a different chain to create a whole new look.

About the Ring
This ring features an original photograph in an adjustable cocktail ring. The adjustment area is hidden beneath the image for added comfort and a refined look. Bright silver plate, lead- and nickel-free, measuring 1″ across with a permanent waterproof cover to protect the image. Like the necklace, we recommend keeping it away from water to maintain its condition.

Moment of Focus jewelry makes a bold statement with a decidedly feminine spirit. It’s a shining star in your wardrobe that dresses up a simple T-shirt just as effortlessly as it adds a unique point of interest to your favorite cocktail dress or silk blouse.

Wardrobe versatility
Solid color tops and dresses serve as the perfect backdrop, allowing your unique Moment of Focus necklace and to take center stage.  The striking pendant with its dazzling silver chain, look especially gorgeous on bare skin with a V-neck or open-collared blouse. The chain is adjustable and can be swapped out for a longer silver chain (even a leather cord) to lend even more styling opportunities.  The ring adds extra flair.

Finish your look
Keep your earrings simple when you’re wearing your stunning Moment of Focus necklace and ring.  Silver studs or small hoops and semi-precious solitaires in a complimentary color look best. Get creative with your bracelets and stack silver and mixed metal bangles or try a wide cuff to go for bold. We think the way you dress should be a personal reflection of you, so have fun and wear Moment of Focus the way you want to!

  • Please be sure to keep Moment of Focus jewelry away from water, soaps, and perfumes. Take off your jewelry before bathing or swimming.  Let perfumes dry before putting on jewelry.
  • Protect jewelry from hard surfaces, including other jewelry; even small scratches can affect the appearance and life of your treasured necklace and ring.
  • Store jewelry in a cool, dry place, individually wrapped in the bag provided or other protective covering to prevent it from being scratched by other jewelry.
  • Clean jewelry gently with a soft cloth after each wearing, this can help to eliminate any body oils that may affect the jewelry surface.
  • Exposure to air and light will naturally cause most silver to tarnish.  If the jewelry tarnishes at all, use a silver anti-tarnish cloth designed to bring the lustre back without scratching the jewelry.

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