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Common Questions

I love the vibrant color of the Moment of Focus necklaces.  Do you have tips on how best to incorporate them into my wardrobe?
Solid color tops and dresses serve as the perfect backdrop, allowing your unique Moment of Focus necklace to take center stage. The striking pendant in vibrant colors along with its dazzling silver chain, look especially gorgeous on bare skin with a V-neck or open-collared blouse. The chain is adjustable and can be swapped out for a longer silver chain (even a leather cord) to lend even more styling opportunities.

Keep your earrings simple when you’re wearing your stunning Moment of Focus necklace.  Silver studs or small hoops and semi-precious solitaires in a complimentary color look best. Get creative with your bracelets and stack silver and mixed metal bangles or try a wide cuff to go for bold. We think the way you dress should be a personal reflection of you, so have fun and wear Moment of Focus the way you want to!

How do I care for my Moment of Focus jewelry?

  • Please be sure to keep Moment of Focus jewelry away from water, soaps, and perfumes. Take off your jewelry before bathing or swimming.  Let perfumes dry before putting on jewelry.
  • Protect jewelry from hard surfaces, including other jewelry; even small scratches can affect the appearance and life of your treasured necklace.
  • Store jewelry in a cool, dry place, individually wrapped in the bag provided or other protective covering to prevent it from being scratched by other jewelry.
  • Clean jewelry gently with a soft cloth after each wearing, this can help to eliminate any body oils that may affect the jewelry surface. 
  • Exposure to air and light will naturally cause most silver to tarnish.  If the jewelry tarnishes at all, use a silver anti-tarnish cloth designed to bring the lustre back without scratching the jewelry.

Oops – I waited until the last minute to buy this gift.  Do you have expedited shipping?
Yes, although this is not currently offered on our site, we can often accomodate this request.  Please contact us and we will respond as quickly as possible to ensure you get your present there on time!  There is an additional fee for this shipping service.

I received this as a present and would prefer a different colored pendant.  What should I do?
We want you to be thrilled with your Moment of Focus necklace!   Pick out the necklace you prefer and contact us via the form on this site.  Please tell us the name of the person who gave you the gift so we can find the order.  We will provide you with a return address and will mail the new item as soon as we receive the one you are returning.  It’s that simple.

How quickly can I expect to receive my fabulous necklace?
As long as the item is in stock, we will ship it  within 1-2 business days.  We use USPS Priority Mail which takes 2-3 days for most locations in the US.  If the item is not currently in stock, we will make the item for you which will add 1-2 days.  We will contact you if this is the case to ensure you do not have any time requirements.

What is the difference between silver and silver plated jewelry?
Silver plated jewelry has the same appearance as silver jewelry.  If properly cared for, it can last as long as well.  Please ensure you follow our care instructions so your necklace continues to look lustrous and new for years.  

Is this jewelry lead- and nickel-free?
Yes, the pendants are lead- and nickel-free.  We work with vendors whom we trust to provide materials that abide by their product claims.  As we obtain chains from a variety of sources, if you have an extreme allergy to lead or nickel, it may be optimal to use a chain other than the one provided to ensure your safety.

www.momentoffocus.com used to have your photographs for sale.  Are your photos for sale?
Yes, the photographs are available at www.karenbermanphotography.com