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Learning from Friends and Sea Lions

Moment of Focus inspirational message - lean on each other

Moment of Focus image of sea lions leaning on each otherI recently broke my toe and although it is a bit of an inconvenience, I appreciate the lesson it has taught me (besides to watch where I am walking).  My friend who convinced me to take him up on his offer to care for me the day this happened said, “People are not meant to live life alone.”  When I finally gave in and accepted help, it was great to have a friend with me to lean on – literally and figuratively.

Many of us, myself included, are so used to just taking care of everything that we do not think to ask for help and even turn it down when it is offered.  Just because we may be able to do it all alone, doesn’t mean we should.

Yet again, nature has been demonstrating this lesson for me on a daily basis, but I had not taken it in until just now. Geese fly in formation to take advantage of the lift they get from each other; sea lions hang all over each other for warmth and comfort; killer whales hunt in groups to improve their outcomes; emperor penguins gather to protect each other from the harsh environment…and so on.

Humans, especially women, have become more and more self-reliant over time while other animals have stayed true to the patterns that have been successful for them for centuries.  I am not implying that we as humans should not change and evolve, but perhaps we should pause occasionally to ensure the changes we are making really are an improvement.

Go ahead – ask for help.  You will be surprised at how great it feels to receive it and the other person will also get a boost from being able to give.



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