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Happy Where We Are

Man standing peacefully on a rock in the Pacific Ocean at sunset

As a year ends, we as humans often do a lot of thinking and planning, more so than at any other particular time of year.  We look back at the year thinking about what went well and what could have been done better.  We may beat ourselves up for things we did not handle well, mistakes we made and opportunities we did not seize.  We look forward with high expectations for the new year with big goals, dreams and resolutions.

While these activities can help us learn and grow, we can also take a cue from nature to be content with who and where we are.  The butterfly does not stress about its short life span; it just flutters about delighting others who see its brilliant color and gentle dance.  The polar bear does not berate itself for not getting the seal and going hungry another day.   The flower does not try to bloom faster or wish it was another color.  All animals and plants just live in the moment.

As the year comes to a close, let’s all be celebrate ourselves and be grateful for exactly who and where we are in our lives…and accept others as they are too.

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