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Cloudy Day Beauty

Moment of Focus Cloudy Beach Beauty

Most of us classify cloudy, rainy or cold days as ‘bad weather’ and sunny, warm days as ‘good weather’.  What makes one good and another bad?

Don’t we need rain in order to have water to drink and beautiful trees to oxygenate our air?  You could also say that we need these ‘bad’ days to appreciate the ‘good’ ones.

My grandmother loved cloudy days – she loved the feel of them and the way they made everything look.  She had a different view than most people.

  • What if we all took the view that neither rain nor shine was better than the other, that all days are ‘good’?
  • What if when we caught ourselves in our own cloudy days where things were not as bright as desired, we looked for what may be good about them?
  • What about accepting and appreciating gray days as they are?

Here’s a challenge for non-gray day loving people – next time a cloudy day appears, in life or outside, grab an umbrella and rain boots, stomp in a puddle and see what happens when you welcome it as you would a sunny day.


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