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Backyard Thrills

Golden Gate Bridge on a stormy night - copyright Moment of Focus

Like many of you, I adore travel. It is a rush for me to land in a far off place and experience a whole new way of living, meet fascinating people and see amazing scenery.  I have been to every continent and still have a travel bug that I think will have me exploring the rest of my life.

That said, with the exception of one year when I traveled for the full year (Yes, I know I am lucky), I will likely spend more time at home than on the road in any given year.  While at home, I try to keep my traveler mind alive – to see my city and its surroundings with fascination, to meet new people and learn about their lives, to explore unknown areas and to savor every experience as I would if I was in an exotic foreign land.

This stunning view of the Golden Gate Bridge was a stormy night treat as seen from my balcony.   Maybe some people would take this for granted, but I love my daily sky shows.   My adopted hometown is my place to wander, learn and experience what I couldn’t anywhere else.

Every place is unique in some way so if we look for what sets our area apart, we can have the excitement of travel without ever having to hop on a plane.  What are the treasures you enjoy in your own backyard?  What makes your town or city worth bragging about?  What gives you that travel excitement at home?


  • Beautiful photo! Love the post too. I have not done much travel, but I like finding things in my town to explore.

    Thanks for the reminder to keep enjoying our own backyard!

    • Hanna,

      Thanks for reading the post and taking the time to comment. I really enjoy connecting with people here.

      Great to know that you are also enjoying your own area! Feel free to share your favorite places/ finds with us.


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