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Our Inspiration » About Moment of Focus

Looking for accessories that are unique, striking and meaningful that will allow you to truly express yourself ? Moment of Focus Photo-JewelsTM are just for you!

Wearing Moment of Focus jewelry can bring joy to your day in so many ways – the bold designs and colors will enhance any look, the nature image used in the jewelry will remind you of the beauty of our world and the attention you will get will surely bring a smile.

At Moment of Focus, we create jewelry that is both art, and a symbol of connection and inspiration. Each Moment of Focus jewelry piece has a bold design with a story and an uplifting meaning that can inspire you and those in your world.  We believe that living is about being present or ‘focused’ all day, in every ‘moment’.  (Yes, this is the origin of Moment of Focus).

Even the smallest of details in life like a flower petal can be astonishing when we really observe them – the texture, the colors, the story they tell.   Each Moment of Focus piece is handmade from an original photograph that tries to capture the essence of what we experience when we tune in to this everyday magic of the world.

While enjoying a beautiful photograph of nature on a wall can be special, we wanted to create a new, easier way for people to enjoy this wonder.  We wanted to make this art part of people’s daily lives and to make it possible to share it with others. From there, Moment of Focus Photo-JewelTM, a new category in accessories, was born.   Combining shiny silver and a glossy epoxy resin transforms the image from a flat experience to a vibrant ‘jewel’.   It is our goal that wearing this jewelry will remind you to savor the moment and bask in the joy of life.

We are driven to celebrate and support our community and world.  A portion of our proceeds are donated to organizations that support the environment and education.

We’d love to hear from you… comments or questions about the site or the jewelry, please write to us here.